**First a quick housekeeping note.  For all of you folks that listened to Podcast 004.  You should know that it is part 2 of 2.  You really should go back and listen to Podcast 003 for the first half of it.  According to my stats, a ton of folks downloaded part 2, but only a handful on part 1.  And on to the blog…..


I have a couple of questions for boat owners out there.  Please reply to this post with your answers.

  1. First, let’s qualify things.  Tell me about your boat.  Where is its port of call?  Where does it live on the hard?  What is the year/make/model?
  2. How do you feel about trailering your boat?  Does your blood pressure elevate just at the thought of it?  Do you white knuckle the steering wheel and stop every 20 minutes to check everything or are you fearless and blow down the passing lane at 80 mph?  Maybe you are somewhere in the middle of those two choices.
  3. And the big question.  I have a 1973 Marshall Sanderling,  Most everthing is in excellent shape, but she is still 40 years old and it shows.  Every summer, the boat goes in the water from June 1 to Aug 1.  The remainder of the year, the boat sits in a heated warehouse 120 miles away from her mooring.  Am I crazy that I make that drive every year just to have my boat indoors?

Yesterday, I dropped off my boat at her winter home.  It is a warehouse space in Leominster, MA that I am lucky enough to get for free each winter.  Nothing compares to having your boat indoors through a New England winter.  I was making the drive from my house to the warehouse and I started thinking that this seems a little excessive just to have her indoors.  The boat prior to this one did not get such luxury.  She sat outside on the Cape under shrink wrap about 1/4-mile from her mooring.  There was never any damage or problems, but for some reason, it’s just not good enough for my dream boat Marsaili.

When I finally make it to the warehouse, the garage door offers about 3″ of clearance on each side of Marsaili.  That provokes a back-in procedure involving about 30 exits from the car to check the progress.  In addition, to answer question #2, I am the high blood pressure/white knuckle guy.  I am not sure what I am so afraid of, but for about the first 30 minutes of trailering my boat, my nerves are shot.  I stop every 10-15 minutes to check the hubs and tie-downs and I probably spend more time looking in the mirrors that I do looking at the road in front of me.  After 30 minutes I start to loosen up a bit.  I have trailered 100’s of miles.  You would think I would be confident enough in it now, but I am not.  Again…Am I crazy?

Thank you for reading!



One Response to Am I crazy?

  1. My little boats are cartoppers- the ease of rigging and launching is hard to beat. My cruising sailboat has been a Tanzer 22 that lives on a mooring in Maine from May-October, and on the hard in Maine (covered up) in Grunion’s Boatyard.

    I have trailered boats, but really just hate it. I once had a 16′ Chrysler Mutineer that only weighed about 225lbs. Trailering it home one day I hit a bump. Looking back to “just make sure” I almost died when I saw she was on her side and about to fall off the trailer.

    I managed to avoid disaster, but simply hate trailering.

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