Sailing in Aruba

My wife and I took the whole family to Aruba last week.  Sam is 2, Harry is 7, and Maggie is 9.  On day 2, Daddy got the itch, “It’s time to get out and sail kids!  Let’s go!” When I want to go sailing and the opportunity presents itself, it is a bit like…Continue Reading

Vacation Time

Here I sit on our flight back from a 6-day vacation in Aruba.  We left a temperature of 90 degrees and we are heading into a frigid 2 degrees (not including the wind chill).  That’s an 88-degree downgrade in happiness.  Any questions, see my last blog regarding why the hell I still live in New…Continue Reading

Podcast 019 – Doug Park of Redd’s Pond Boatworks

“Call it unique, picturesque, cussed, distinctive, pixilated, fascinating – that’s Marblehead, a town in love with liberty and rugged individualism. Its people and history, its crooked lanes and irregular houses, its customs and humor defy conformity and dullness. The irreligious settlers, the adventurous fishermen, the zealous patriots of 1776, the daring privateers of 1812, the…Continue Reading