Boat Building Class 3

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Maggie and I hit the basement again tonight for another fun filled boat building class.  Actually, I have very little to report.  We scarfed together another two sheets of plywood.  It was pretty event-less.  Which brings me to my blog topic.  Keeping a child interested in boat building.  

So it was clear that Maggie was pretty bored tonight.  There is a fine balance between showing her the tedious as well as the exciting components of a build and keeping her interested.  She spent most of the time playing with her dust mask, making shapes in the dust piles, and huddling near the small space heater to keep warm.  The next step of the project is to cut out the panels.  I am stacking two 16′ sheets of plywood so I can cut out both sides at once.  This will save us some time and probably be pretty exciting for her although she will not be doing any of the cutting.  At least she will see some pieces of her boat take shape.

The only other large panels to cutout will be the bottom and the deck.  The rest will be frames which is also pretty tedious getting them all measured out.  So, my solution to this is to let the little elves take over.  I am going to try to add 1 night per week in the basement by myself.  That way I can get some of the more painful tasks completed so we can get to the actual building phases a little quicker.  She doesn’t complain at all.  I think she just enjoys the special time with her Dad, but I don’t think that will last forever at this pace.

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