Boat Building Dad – Blog Update

I got some great feedback from folks on my Father’s Day Post.  It was a great feeling for me to have folks connect with me on how special fathers are.  One piece of feedback I got was from my mother.  She replied to me via email telling me that I’m a great writer and that my father raised a great kid and all the wonderful motherly things she says that always make me smile.  More importantly, she came to my house last night and handed me an envelope.  In my Father’s Day blog, I mentioned that my father had built and raced some boats, but that I knew nothing about it.  Inside the envelope were 3 very old pictures.

Picture taken at hobby shop on post (army).
Picture taken at hobby shop on post (army).
1951. Big Island, NH


It was amazing to see these pictures and the look on my dad’s face 60 years ago.  It is probably similar to the look on my face when I’ve finished a boat.  Not to mention, this boat looks very sleek and beautifully put together.  I wonder if she’s still alive somewhere.  I like to think so.  When I was a kid, I had no intention of becoming my father.  Sure, he was my hero, but I had such grand plans for my life that to me, were so much bigger and better than his.  Low and behold, I ended up a Field Services Manager at an IT Firm, I coach my kids hockey team, and I build boats.  I don’t do any of these things because my Dad did them.  I do them because I love them…as did he.  I also consider myself the luckiest man alive to be able to pursue these things….as I’m sure he did.

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment if you know anything at all about the boat or the design.


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