Book Ideas

So why am I doing this podcast?

1.  I love boats and boat people and New England is a mecca of marine trades.  I want to explore the sub-culture and share what I find.

2.  I am looking for something new in life.  I am not looking for a drastic career change, but something else to do.

3.  I have always wanted to write a book and this is a great way to start that process.

Let’s explore #3.  I would like to write a book.  I have not entirely settled on a topic yet, but the books I like to read are books that I get something out of.  I tend to steer away from novels.  I look more for creative non-fiction, a classic, or simply a manual on how to do something.  I would like to try to combine all of those facets into my book.   I am thinking “Life Tips for the Half-decent Boat Builder” or something of that nature.

would tell you what it entails, but I would have to kill all of you.  That and because I have not quite figured it out yet either.  Let’s just say that it will have pieces of boat building, sailing, and life all rolled up like a warm, zesty burrito.  Sounds easy enough, right?.  I guess I’ll start tonight (words I have actually said out loud to myself for about 3 years).

Thank you for reading!



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