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Podcast 021 – Heritage Boatworks Update

10945641_10153041498319581_3299969261577895260_n“I’m so sorry Jed.  I’d love to speak with you, but I simply don’t have a minute to spare.  This &%#@ winter put us way behind!”

“Oh yeah.  Heritage Boatworks.  I’ve heard of you and have been hoping you’d call.  Unfortunately, no.  I can’t talk with you.  Too busy.  %$#@ winter.”

“Sorry Jed.  Give me a call in July.  We’re still catching up from all that $%#& snow.”

“Interview?!  Are you serious?!  Hahaha!  Do you realize that I still have a couple dozen boats under snow?!”

This year in New England we had 110” of snowfall.  90” of which fell in just 23 days.  If New England was the new kid in town and snow was the town bully, the new kid was running home crying to his Mom.  It killed everything in New England.  My wife’s retail business struggled, boatyards are all drastically behind, town snow removal budgets are bruised and tattered, and the bass in my local fishing hole are still a little gun shy.

So now that I have laid out a whole series of excuses, I will break it to you easy.  I do not have an interview episode this month.  Folks were simply too busy and I certainly didn’t want to get in the way of anyone’s boat getting prepped for launch.  So, I took to the woodshop myself.

Wood Duck 10:  Harry’s (my son) kayak is done!  I worked on her every day for about a month and got her finished and she came out very purdy if I do say so myself!





Harry is enamored and can’t wait to use it every weekend.  We have had it out for a couple of fishing cruises and she seems to float.  Harry is just happy that it is so much faster than Dad’s plastic tub of a kayak.  Oh well.  I go into more detail on the finishing process in the last blog and on the podcast.

With Springtime also come launch day for my prized boat, my 1973 Marshall Sanderling.  Last year I neglected her a bit and this year I really paid for it.  The bottom was completely covered from stem to stern in barnicles.  As I was scraping it off a bit after hauling it out, there were actually crabs and other sea creatures falling out.  I had a whole ecosystem growing on the hull.  I put her up on boat stands in my driveway and spent many hours sanding her down to the tracer coat.  I then primed the bare spots with Interlux 2000E and am in the process of painting 4 coats of Interlux Micron Extra.  We’re doing things RIGHT this year!  More details in the podcast!

The podcast is a short one with just me talking about my spring and boat preparations.  I hope you enjoy it and I am working to secure an interview for the June Podcast.

Fair Winds!

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