Counting Blessings

The sanding crew
The sanding crew

I was diagnosed with severe Asthma when I was 6 and was in and out of the hospital for much of my youth.  It has never gone away.  I suffered a sports injury at 16 that has left me with persistant pain in my back and the need for 2 surgeries.  My father passed away when I was 23.  As my back problems persisted, I was forced to give up things I love.  Things like hockey in college and again later in life, mountain biking, and golf.  Of course it also forced me to give up helping friends move their apartments, which was OK.

What a dreary blog, right?  No.  The reason I stated some of the negative aspects of my life is because I wanted to express my thoughts about how unbelievably lucky I am.  The items in the first paragraph were like flies on the windshield when compared to all of the wonderful things I consider when counting blessings each day.  The one overwhelmingly positive aspect of my life that is relevant to this blog is building boats with my kids.  Each time that I walk down to my basement, I am like a giddy grade school boy running out to recess with his friends. It is my release, my therapy, my own personal grade school recess.

When I helped build our house, I hung many of the doors.  The door to our basement was a tough one for some reason and never quite lined up just right.  It left the weather strip a little tight to the floor on the bottom which makes a small squeaking and hissing sound when I open it.  Who knew when I was wrestling to install that door 8 years ago, that the very sound that I was trying to fix would bring such visceral delight to me every time I heard it.

I have 3 beautiful, happy, healthy kids and two of which simply love going to the basement with their Dad and working on their boat.  The fact that I am often able to share that elation with my kids, and I consider myself one of the luckiest men on the planet.


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