The Fleet Summary

I have 7 boats now.  Some would call it a fleet.  5 are afloat and 2 are under construction.  I’m not bragging.  I’d love to get rid of some of them, but I do seem to use them all and my family won’t let me sell anything.


1.  Bolger Pointy Skiff.  I built it in 2009 and I have used it every season to get out to Marsaili.  It is the family dinghy and has held up very well.  If it is ever sold or scrapped, I am quite sure the kids will be traumatized.  They named her “Fingers-in” because that is what I say to them every time we are approaching the dock.  Here are some additional photos.

fleet  skiff_refinish  29


2.  Marshall Sanderling “Marsaili” – That’s my baby.  Bite your tongue and don’t ever mention selling her again…..ever!  Here are some additional photos.

My Boats  IMG_1421  IMG_1637


3.  Jon Boat – Harry (6) and I use it about twice a week for fishing in a pond near us.  Harry has told me that I am not allowed to ever sell it because it is his lucky boat that he caught his first “monster bass” in.

fleet  j


4.  Chesapeake Light Craft Stand up Paddleboard – I built it in 2011 and use it on the weekends down on the Cape.  I told my wife that I was considering selling it and she said (and I quote), “You can’t sell that.  You built it yourself and it is special!”  Apparently, anything I build myself holds too much sentimental value to sell.  Here are some additional photos.

fleet  fleet  fleet


5.  The Bolger Catboat is under construction.  I am building this boat with my daughter Maggie (8) and it will be hers when completed.  You can read more about it in the Bobcat blogs.

fleet  plane 220  fleet


6.  The Chesapeake Light Craft Wood Duck 10 is under construction.  I am building this boat with my son Harry (6) and it will be his when we are done.  More details in the Wood Duck blogs.

fleet  fleet


7.  West Marine Bahama 10.5 Kayak.  It is the same as the Perception Sport Sound 10.5.  I have always wanted a kayak.  I love the concept of portability, self proficiency, and fast, quiet, fluid movement through the water.  I also love to fish and fishing in a kayak is paradise.  I picked up this boat used from a friend, but the Perception Sport Sound 10.5 version of the boat is on Amazon with free shipping if you’re a Prime Member.  If you are not a Prime Member, you really need to be.  I am a professed Amazon Junkie.  Don’t judge me.  [insert smiley face]


kayak review  fleet


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