Life and HBW Goals and Resolutions

How quickly the years fly by.  Here we are in 2014 and I feel the need to write about my goals and resolutions both for Heritage Boatworks and for life.  These are goals that we will all be affected by, so I thought it best that I share.  I posted my first podcast in September of 2013 so I am considering that to be my official launch date.  A lot has happened over the 4 months we’ve been live, but 2014 is going to be AMAZING!  Thank you for hopping on this ride with me and hopefully we should have many more friends joining us over the next couple of months.

First I want to talk about 2013 and share some of my successes with you.  I did not have much of a plan or goals outside of getting it all started, so you could say that everything was successful (except for the failures of course).  My first podcast was downloaded 40 times in the first month.  I wasn’t sure if it would be downloaded at all, so 40 was quite a pleasant surprise.  Since then the numbers have been steadily growing to over 730 total downloads and it has been very exciting to watch.  I have setup a number of Social Media sites and gotten a lot of feedback from many folks.  Above all, I am absolutely having a blast sharing these folks’ stories with you.  Without sounding like I am accepting an Academy Award, I would like to give my personal thanks to Dan Matson, Pat Flynn, and Cliff Ravenscraft.  Their podcasts provided me with inspiration and instruction to make this all possible.  Given the number of folks building boats in New England, I am hoping to continue this for a quite a while, time and finances permitting.

Moving on to 2014, I have a number of goals set for myself.  The goals are not just focused on the Heritage Boatworks website.  They are goals for a variety of aspects of life, which is what I have wanted the soul of HBW to be.  The podcast episodes are certainly the centerpiece, but my own boat building, sailing, family, and self all come in to play when creating the content on this site.

They say that writing down goals is dangerous because once written down, the brain actually thinks they are completed.  The problem is that if it I don’t write them down, I will forget them.  I also figure since I am sharing them with all of you, you can all hold me accountable.  So here it goes…

  • Publish a free Resource Guide (hopefully by the end of January).
  • Establish a mailing list of 1000 people.  This should be relatively easy if I play my cards right.  I am setting up a table at the Catboat Association Resource Show at the end of the month and having an article published in their bulletin.  That is one of a handful of plans I have to boost my following.
  • Break even financially (which is not asking much).  I have invested very little so far and am just hoping to cover my expenses.
  • Attend 5 boating events.  Choices range from Catboat Association Meetings, Cape Cod Boat Builders show, The Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, etc.
  • Complete the Bolger Bobcat.  This will be Maggie’s (8-year-old daughter) boat.  It is a big undertaking.
  • Complete the 10′ Wood Duck kayak from clcboats.  This will be Harry’s (6-year-old son) boat.
  • Overnight sail with Maggie (my daughter).  I sailed to Cotuit and spent the night last year and it was a beautiful cruise.  I am hoping to do that with my daughter this year.
  • Solo sail to Martha’s Vineyard.  I have planned on this each of the past 3 years and it has just never come to fruition.
  • Get myself under 200lbs.  I always get close, but I want to shatter 200.

So there it is, 2014 in a nutshell.  In addition to those goals, I want to keep sharing these great yarns with you from the boat builders of New England, keep you entertained and informed with my blog and social media posts, and hopefully establish a bit of a presence here on the Interwebs.  As always, thank you all for reading and Happy New Year!!


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