I Got My GoPro Hero 3+

GoProHero3I finally got my new GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition in the mail last week and was very excited.  I have a plethora of ideas of footage I want to capture and how I want to tie it into Heritage Boatworks.  From sailing videos, trips on my wooden Stand up Paddleboard, Maggie and I’s cruise to Cotuit, and step-by-step videos of boat building.

I was actually shocked at how small it is.  The packaging and construction is excellent and it comes with the waterproof housing.  We were not heading to Cape Cod this weekend due to some other commitments, but a trip to a family member’s pool provided a fun test bed for the new toy.


The beauty of the GoPro camera is that you will never be short on ideas where to use it.  If you need an idea, just go to Amazon.com and search “GoPro Mount.”  The sheer number of different types of mounts and brackets and poles etc is like a constant bank of ideas.  I ordered a “Roll Bar Mount” which I am hoping will be large enough to fix the camera onto the boom of Marsaili.

Overall, I have found the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition well constructed, easy to use, and great video quality.  The attachments are all relatively low-cost so it is easy to try something new with each passing season. Highly recommended!!  Eventually, the plan is to pickup a drone (likely the DJI Phantom) so I can do some aerial footage of some boats and the shops I interview at.

Otherwise, below are some of the coolest mounts I have purchased or plan on purchasing:


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  1. Funny. I just got the same camera as a “door prize” at a tech conference at the Hynes. It is so small that just learning how to use it might require a magnifying glass (for us older folk). Works great with my Droid smartphone controlling it. Seeing as it was free, I spent some money on extra batteries, a case, and the rear LCD bac pac touch screen. Now I’ve got to figure out how to use it on Catzilla (M22).

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