Los Tres Grandes Challenge

New Year

New Year’s Resolutions.  Phooey!  I have made dozens and dozens of New Year’s resolutions and have accomplished NOTHING.  You simply cannot tell a guy with moderate A.D.D. that he has 365 days to accomplish something.

  1. I forget about it until around Thanksgiving
  2. Even if I do remember it over the course of the year, I know that I have a year to accomplish it and I put it off
  3. Losing 20 lbs and writing 52 blogs on December 31st is kinda tough

This year, I am making a series of 1 week resolutions starting next week and I invite you to join me.  I am calling it “Los Tres Grandes Challenge!”  Push the play button for the sound effects.


So why Spanish you ask?  Well because it sounds so much better than “The Big 3 Challenge.”  Los Tres Grandes has so much more clout, and who doesn’t want to be doing a challenge that has a mariachi band theme song?  We will refer to is as LTG.

Here’s the deal.  I am very excited about this.

  1. Pick 3 things in your life that you want to change or that you think you could do better.  For example, some people want to go to bed early, or smile more, or drink less alcohol, or spend more time with their kids, or smoke less crack.  Whatever!  Just pick 3 pieces of your life that have been nagging you for years and write them down. Be as specific as possible. Don’t pick stupid easy things like, Oh…I’d really like to drink more water.  Challenge yourself a bit.  It’s just 3 things and it’s just 1 week.  Once you’ve written them down, hang them up somewhere where you will see them every morning and every night staring you in the face like el toro stares at el matador.
  2. Pick a Monday that you are going to start LTG Challenge and mark it down in your calendar.  Mark it in big bold letters and colors.  Tell your friends.  Post it on Facebook.  Make yourself accountable and make it difficult to ignore or excuse your way out of it.
  3. For one week (7 days), we will make these 3 grande changes in our lives happen every day.  No exceptions!  If we fail even once, we need to start LTG all over again the following Monday.
  4. When we’re done and have accomplished living our lives according to LTG for one week, we can then plan out a map for your new, muy bueno future.  Maybe you’ll do LTG the first week of every month.  Maybe every other week.  Or maybe you’re hardcore and you’re going to live every week according to LTG.  To those folks, I applaud you and you can listen to the song above twice.

I am not a doctor or a shrink and I have no idea if this will work, but I am hoping that after seeing how much better our lives are and after getting some control and confidence in our lives for that week, it will make us yearn for more and eventually the change will become permanent.

Here is Los Tres Grandes for me:

  1. Go to bed early.  I have this habit of staying up very late.  Sometimes I am very productive, sometimes I am not.  I am always tired and my wife has to basically push me out of bed in the morning.  I have done this since college (20 years), and I am positive that if I went to bed early and got up early, my days would be better, happier, and more productive.  Eventually, I would like to implement a morning routine like the one in Hal Elrod’s book “The Morning Miracle.”
  2. Be more efficient.  I always put a list of tasks together for the day and I seldom get to them all.  I end up sidetracked here and there or I simply rip through the easy tasks and leave the challenging tasks until there is not enough time in the day.  I need to be mindful of my time, manage it better, and get more done in a day.
  3. Focus on fitness.  I know what it takes to get fit.  I have a system.  I track calories and I work out.  Usually, in May, I will go at it hardcore to get in shape for the summer.  Now that I’m 41, May simply isn’t enough.  I usually end up happy with my body somewhere around mid-August and summer is all but over.  I have had 2 back surgeries and I need to make fitness a permanent part of my life.  No more winters off.  This includes a morning stretch routine, daily cardio, 6 glasses of water, and calories under 1900/day (I use loseit.com).

Good luck and please share this with your amigos and challenge them to take Los Tres Grande Challenge!


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