A Blog for My Wife on Mothers Day

You’re beautiful, that goes without saying
For 10 years now in your bed I’ve been laying
After our days at a breaking-neck pace
When the moonlight is right, I can still see your face
To this day I still stare in that beautiful light
As I drift off to sleep almost every night
I look at your face and I think of all things
From the kids, to the Cape, to the way that you sing
Your beauty consumes me and my heart it sighs
Only missing the best part, those beautiful eyes
My mind can see them and the comfort they’ve shown
To me they are pure.  To me they are home.
But the beauty that conjures up more than just this
Is a beauty that sometimes the people will miss
It’s that unconditional love and care
You provide to all with few to spare
You search for the good and fix the bad
Even when your husband is bitter and mad
I fell for those traits and fell deep in love
With a person I admired and was unworthy of
I was drawn to your soul and your views on our lives
And let’s face it, look at you, you’re not hard on the eyes.
I love the beauty that’s on the outside
But it’s just a small reason why I made you my bride
The part that I love is your beautiful mind
It makes me the person I was longing to find.
So it’s Mothers Day, dear and my prose is choppy.
I love you, Meg.  May your day be Hoppy.




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