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These are build photos from the 10 ft Phil Bolger Pointy Skiff. I ordered the plans from I needed a dinghy to get out to my mooring and I had the whole winter to come up with one. I decided I'd build one. This is the boat that kicked off my obsession for boat building. She is named "Fingers In" by my kids because that is what I bark at them every time we approach the dock. The boat is on its 4th season and has been refinished just once. It sits outside all summer and gets dragged over rocked and muscle shells whenever I need her. She is built with exterior grade plywood and West Systems epoxy. The paint is Glidden Porch paint and has held up incredibly. If you have any questions about the build, go to my contacts page and shoot me a note.
SUP (50).jpg
I purchased the plans from for the Kaholo 16. I built this board 2 years ago and have used it for 2 seasons. It was built with all of the best materials including Okoume plywood, MAS epoxy, and Interlux varnish. It is a blast and very fast. If you have questions on the build, go to my contacts page and shoot me a note!

Lyric - 1974 22' Kells Sloop

I bought this boat for $650. I put about $3000 and countless man-hours into her and sold her for $900. If I had to do it all over again......I would in a heartbeat. This is the boat that started it all. She was essentially a worthless piece of junk that was falling apart and didn;t sail well even when she was brand new, but Lyric gave me an education in owning, fixing, maintaining, an sailing a boat. I worked on her every minute I could and learned more than any $3000 class could ever teach. Hopefully with all of the work that I did, she is still alive and making someone out there happy.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding

My photos from the tour of the grounds at the historic Cape Cod Shipbuilding Company.
CCShipbuilding (4).JPG

Woodenboat Show 2014

Photographs from the Woodenboat Show in Mystic, CT in 2014

Fatty Knees Boat Company

These are some photos of the Fatty Knees dinghy built by Fatty Knees Boat Company

Ballentine's Boat Shop

These are photos from my interview with Amy Ballentine-Stevens at Ballentine's Boat Shop. I took some of the photos, but the others were given to me by the shop.


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