The Other Woman

“OK, before we go through with this, you need to make me a promise,” I commanded in a stern voice.  “Under no circumstances are you ever to mention this girl to Marsaili.  Deal?”

“Deal!” Said Maggie (8) and Harry (6).

Last week we were on a family vacation in Bar Harbor, ME and I had arranged a day of sailing for myself and the two older kids.  We rented an old Rhodes 19 from Mansell Boat Rental in Southwest Harbor and I knew my kids would love the jib, the speed, and the larger sun-basking area on the Rhodes.  Three things that Marsaili, my 18′ Marshall catboat does not have.

At first, the wind was very light and we struggled to move at all.  Eventually, they freshened to 15-20kts and we were blasting through the water.  The kids loved it and we covered 12 miles in no time at all.  We saw porpoises playing in the harbor and many seals out at Bunker Ledge (the last stop west before Nova Scotia and…Portugal).  I really enjoyed myself as well, right up until we drove down to Cape Cod a few days later.   Then the guilt set in and I felt shame.  Would Marsaili find out about the other woman?!  She’d never forgive me!  My kids called me crazy, but they just don’t understand adult relationships.

other woman


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