Podcast Help

It has come to my attention while doing these interviews and meeting some of my subscribers, that many people that visit my site may be asking the same thing…

What the hell is a podcast?!

podcast2Well, this page is here to offer some podcast help.  A podcast is essentially information on demand delivered electronically in an audio format.  You can take my word for it or if you want all the tech mumbo-jumbo, check out Wikipedia.

That’s great, but how do I listen to a podcast?

There are a number of ways to listen to them.  That is the beauty of the podcast (aside from the fact that everything I list below is FREE).  I will go through 3 different ways to listen:

  1. On your PC/lapto
  2. On your iPhone
  3. On your Droid or other phone.


#1 – The PC/Laptop

On your PC, it is excruciatingly simple.  You can browse to my Podcast Index, click the episode you want to hear, and then look for the media player at the bottom of the page.  It looks like this…


Simply click on the little triangle on the left and it will begin playing.  Make sure you have speakers or headphone on your PC/laptop.

So why is that the least convenient method?  It is because the media is streaming and your PC/laptop must be on the internet for it to work.  It’s fine if you are sitting at your desk in your house, but I like to listen to podcasts when I am working out, or walking somewhere, or driving in the car.


#2 – Your iPhone or other Apple device.

Itunes_podcast_iconSince you are an Apple user, can I make the assumption that you have an iTunes account?  If not, go search the app store for iTunes, sign up, download and install it.   Listening to podcasts on Apple products is all based in iTunes.  It varies from device to device and even the version of each device, but you should have an application on your device that is titled either iTunes or Podcast.  Open that up, sign in with your Apple username, and search for Heritage Boatworks.  I’ll be there.  Now with the addition of a basic pair of headphones, you can take me everywhere.




#3 – Your Droid or other type of phone

stitcher logoThere are a number of apps with great ratings for droids.  Stitcher, Podcast Republic, Podcast Addict, BeyondPod to name a few all have 4+ star ratings and 1000’s of downloads.  They all basically do the same thing; play podcasts.  I have tried and tested them all, but I typically use Stitcher Radio.  The app is lacking a bit compared to the others, but I like the fact that they post news stories on the front page of the app so I can grab a couple of headlines before I start listening to the shows I subscribe to.  I would encourage you to try Stitcher out because it is very simple to use, but feel free to try any of the others I mention.  They are all great.  Once you install the app on your phone, just click on the magnifying glass and type in “Heritage Boatworks” to search for my show.

Please feel free to Email me with any questions or follow this link to the podcast page!