Podcast 001 – Introduction

Well, I published episode #1 of the podcast.  The episode was just a brief introduction to the podcast and a statement of what I envision it being about.  Boats building, boating, boating history and boat people of New England.  In short, my excuse to go talk to some people about boats and to record and share their stories.  I think it will be a fantastic snapshot in time of how it is done today.  I also think it will be helpful to anyone looking to get into the boat building business in that it will have information on how people got there from all walks of life.

Somehow, it looks like 8 people downloaded my podcast.  Oddly enough, I have no idea where they downloaded it from.  If you want to listen, check it out here:  http://heritageboatworks.com/podcast-index.html.  If anyone else knows where people may have downloaded it from, please feel free to let me know.  I haven’t a clue where it goes from libsyn.

As you can see by my site and by my confusion illustrated in this blog, I still have some work to do.  First and foremost, I need to figure out how this stuff works.  I am hosting my Podcast at www.libsyn.com, and it has an RSS feed.  I suppose someone could have found it there.  I suppose at this point I should get it up on iTunes which is what I will be doing next.

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