Podcast 002 – Jed’s Self Interview

I have never interviewed anyone before outside of interrogating my kids after a bout of he said/she said.  They are 7, 5, and 1 so you can imagine how successful that has been.  So I ordered a new digital recorder called the Zoom H1.  It should arrive tomorrow and I will be familiarizing myself with that for the next couple days and practicing some interviews.  I am a little nervous about it knowing that it could potentially be listened to by many people all over the Interwebs, but from the podcast episodes I have listened to, it seems like a little practice should go a long way.  So who better to practice on than yours truly.  In this Podcast I interview myself.  I came up with a handful of questions similar to ones I will be asking New England boat builders and answered them as best I could.

It starts out with an explanation of how I got into boating (sailing) with a story of my first sailboat as a child.  I was able to dig up a photo of that beauty.









I also go through some of the details of the first boat I purchased.  She was a complete piece of junk, but she was my first and I will never forget her.  That piece of junk educated me on boat restoration and maintenance.

As for boat building, I am really excited for my new projects.  I am building a Bolger Bobcat and a 10′ Wood Duck.  I have started hacking away at the mast, but have not committed to it yet emotionally.  You could say we are dating and are on the 3rd date.  There are still alot of questions and concerns between us, but the relationship seems to be progressing nicely.  In a couple of months once we get an apartment together there will be arguments and disagreements, but we will find a way to make it work together.  I cannot wait because this dating thing sucks.  My past boats were a Pointy Skiff and a Kaholo Stand-up Paddleboard.

I hope you enjoy the Podcast!   Please email me with feedback at jed@heritageboatworks.com.  I have no idea what I am doing and I hope that I am hiding that well.


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