Heritage Boatworks Podcast Index – The Boat Builder Interviews

Heritage Boatworks Podcast

On this page you will find an index to all of the podcast episodes I have published.  Not sure what a podcast is or how to listen, click here for some advice.  Most podcasts are interviews with boat builders in the New England area.  Click on a link to get to that episode’s podcast post and at the bottom of each page there is a link to listen to the podcast.

Podcast 020 – Bob Fuller.  Owner of South Shore Boatworks (Halifax, MA)

Podcast 019 – Doug Park.  Owner of Redd’s Pond Boatworks (Marblehead, MA)

Podcast 018 – Dan Shea Jr.  Owner of Bristol Boat Company (Bristol, RI)

Podcast 017 – Walter Baron.  Owner of Old Wharf Dory (Wellfleet, MA)

Podcast 016 – Amy Ballentine-Stevens.  Owner Ballentine’s Boat Shop (Cataumet, MA)

Podcast 015 – David Foynes.  Owner of Fatty Knees Boat Company (Bourne, MA)

Podcast 014 – Louis Sauzedde.  Master Shipwright in Wickford, RI 

Podcast 013 – Brad Pease of Pease Boat Works and Marine Railway (Chatham, MA)

Podcast 012 – 2014 is Halfway Gone?! (Housekeeping)

Podcast 011 – John Stuart of Arborvitae Woodworking (South Yarmouth, MA)

Podcast 010 – Tony Davis of Arey’s Pond Boatyard (Orleans, MA)

Podcast 009 – Bill Womack of Beetle Inc.  (Wareham, MA)

Podcast 008 – Wendy Goodwin of Cape Cod Shipbuilding  (Wareham, MA)

Podcast 007 – Geoff Marshall of Marshall Marine  (South Dartmouth, MA)

Podcast 006 – Roger Crawford of Crawford Boatbuilding  (Humarock, MA)

Podcast 005 – Heidi Reid of Stur-Dee Boat Co.  (Tiverton, RI)

Podcast 004 – Graham McKay of Lowell’s Boat Shop (2 of 2)  (Amesbury, MA)

Podcast 003 – Graham McKay of Lowell’s Boat Shop (1 of 2)  (Amesbury, MA)

Podcast 002 – Jed’s Self Interview

Podcast 001 – Introductions

Podcast Reviews on iTunes:

"Love listening. Brings me back to years ago listening to similar incredible stories my grandfather would tell me before he passed away. So happy to see someone has the same passion and can share it with us. Brilliant work!! Fabulous story telling and interviews. Keep up the great work."

"This is a great podcast about small boats and their history and construction. I love it! The interviewer has great ease with the people he is interviewing. You feel like you are sitting with them listening to the conversation. This a great way to keep a great part of New England heritage alive. I have wanted to build a small boat and Jed (host)give tons of advice and tells great stories. Highly recommended!"

"Jed Lavoie has put together one of the best sailing podcasts to come along in awhile. He has found real sailors and enthusiastic boatbuilders to entertain and educate his listeners. The passion shown by his interviewees is matched by his own. His website and blog augment the podcast by putting us in touch with Jed's own boatbuilding experiences. I will be standing by to hear more great material in the future."

"It is a pleasure to welcome this kindred spirit who has a passion for sailing and an authentic voice." -from a full review of Heritage Boatworks on the Seaward Adventures website.