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I thought it would be helpful to create a resources page that contains links to everything from building a boat, listening to music, or starting your own podcast and website.  I have learned a great deal creating Heritage Boatworks and I will update this page as I learn more.  I stand by everything on this page 100%.  If I have not tried it myself, I do not recommend it.  Some of the links are affiliate links and I make a small commission at no additional charge to you.  Or if you’re feeling generous, you can simply use the donate button to the right to make a secure donation to Heritage Boatworks.  Thank you in advance for your support!!


Tool Tales and Reviews: 

Stories and reviews on new and used tools and boat building material.


Boat Building:

I created a boat building resource guide a couple months ago with all of the resources I use in selecting and building a boat.  You can download it below.  It’s free, but I’d appreciate it if you subscribed to my newsletter if you find it useful.

Resource Guide Download



Various music toys I use to listen to my tunes while I sail or work on my boats



Here are some nautical and otherwise books that I’ve read (or listened to) and loved.




Starting this website almost 2 years ago has been a fun and rewarding experience for me although it has been extremely time consuming.  The largest chunk of time has been researching online and listening to other podcasts that offer advice on doing this.  Without the help of the folks mentioned below, I would have never started Heritage Boatworks.   


An outstanding podcast that gave me my first inspiration to start this journey.  Thanks to Dan Mattson and Hooked On Wooden Boats for the inspiration.


PAM LogoDan made mention of taking a class “Podcasting A to Z” by Cliff Ravenscraft.  I could not afford the class, but I felt with my tech background, I could manage on my own.  The information Cliff shares for free is outstanding.  Cliff Ravenscraft is truly The Podcast Answer Man.


SPI Logo

Pat Flynn is what the Internet should be all about.  Pat’s whole philosophy is sincerely based on helping people. My eventual goal is to make some money to help offset the costs of running this site and for that, Pat Flynn is the authority.  My thanks to Pat Flynn and Smart Passive Income.



Website Resources:

Now that my friends above have educated you a bit, here’s a couple things on the Internet you need

bluehost-logo.gif-300x243I am all about simplicity when it comes to getting involved in a project like this.  You can setup a Bluehost account, install WordPress, and be publishing your first blog for the world to read in about 15 minutes.  The interface is excellent and simple to use and their support is outstanding.   Bluehost is the way to go for hosting.



If you want to get into podcasting (which I highly recommend), you will need to make a small investment in some gear.  You don’t want to use you internal microphone or some phone app.  Quality is pretty important and external microphones are short money.  Here is what I use and you can give my podcast a listen if you want to hear a sample.

Podcast Host:  First you will need a place to store your podcasts.  You do not want to store them on your own site host.  They simply take up too much space.  Libsyn is really the leader for podcast hosting and I find them excellent in all areas.

Desktop Microphone:  I did the research and landed on the Blue Microphones Snowball USB.  Aside from the fact that it is very cool looking, it also works very well.  Plug it in and go!

Portable Recorder: If you are going to do any interviews or if you just need a device to record a show while you’re on vacation, you will want a portable voice recorder.  My research brought me to the Zoom H1 Digital Recorder.  It is small, fair priced, and very easy to use.

Software:  I am a PC guy, so this software will apply to PC.  For recording and editing audio, look into Audacity.  It is free and very functional.

Camera:  Having a good camera to create the images for your website is essential.  The camera I am going to recommend is a bit overkill for just the web, but if you ever want to get into video, the quality is amazing.  I have the Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 18-200mm lens.  Again, this is a pretty pricey rig and you can have a great website with something less.  It is an outstanding setup if you are in the market.

Here are some samples:

  DSC_0023  cross process  DSC_0055

Phone:  I am not sure this fits here, but I wanted to throw in my other critical piece of hardware that I use every day, my phone.  I have the Samsung Galaxy S5.  It does EVERYTHING I need it to from giving me GPS directions to my next interview to managing my Libsyn statistics.  It is big and bright and waterproof.  What more could I ask for?  The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best phone on the market right now.

USB Power:  I don’t know how I lived without this device for so long.  I like to use my phone to track my course and to play music.  Given the limited reception on the water, a cell phone can rip through a battery in no time at all.  So I bought an EasyAcc External Battery Pack for the phone and I never have to worry about that again.  The battery pack I recommend has a whopping 10,000MaH.  That will charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 almost 3 times.  The charge time is super fast as well.  This particular device is about the same size and weight as my phone and had 4 small LED’s to show the remaining battery power.  Highly recommended!

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