Summer So Sweet

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Summer so sweet your salty warm air.

Maggie smiles in the bath washing sand from her hair.

Harry jumps on his board and rides on the crest,

and giggles with his cousin to see who did best.

Sam is just two and not sure of this place.

Then he’ll run in the surf with a smile on his face.

Here I sit on the beach with a drink and a grin,

watching my kids do it all over again.

They’ve done all of this in each summer gone by

and they’ll do it again once the winter birds fly.

Summer so sweet I loved you my dear,

but now we must wait for close to a year.

We’ll wait through fall with the leaves and the ghosts.

We’ll wait through the winter which I hate the most.

We’ll wait through the spring.  Is summer here yet?

Summer will get here we mustn’t forget!

The sun will shine down and the air will get warm.

The bees in the yard will all start to swarm.

The kids will plan for the last day of school

And parents will ease on the kids steadfast rules

Spring will crawl by as we yearn for that season

Where we can boat, fish, and smile for no reason.

Summer so sweet, you left us so soon,

but we’ll wait right here for the clock to turn June.



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