The Big Sitka Stick


I only got 2 hours of sleep last night thanks to a poorly timed returned from Disney World right at my company’s month-end scramble.  Yet still, if it is a boat work night I always seem to find some energy to go down to my basement and work for awhile.  I spent some more time on the mast today.  I will give you the background.

The mast is 15′ tall and I am making it from Sitka Spruce.  I cut two boards 1 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 15′ and then put a dado down the middle of a flat side on each to make the mast hollow.  I used MAS epoxy and a whole lot of clamps to join the two pieces.  I let it set for a couple days to get the epoxy good and hard.

Then I used a skill saw to make the 4 sided mast into an 8 sided mast.  I followed that up with a block plane to make it a 16-sided mast.  Still alot of sanding to do.

I then focused on the taper.  The mast tapers gradually starting at 6′ below the masthead.  Again, I used the skill saw to remove some more material and a block plane to smooth it out.  Next I am going to need to build myself a taper guage to measure the next place to cut to make the 4 sided taper into an 8 sided temper.


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