Tool Review – Stanley Plane 12-247



This is a tool review for a tool that costs very little money and has probably been used more than anything else in the shop.  I purchased my Stanley 12-247 at an Ace Hardware in town for I believe $30, but the price ($14) on Amazon is considerably less than what I paid.  This little plane sets up easily and holds those settings very well.  I have had small/cheap planes in the past that no matter how tightly you dialed them in, the blade would eventually start to move after working with it for awhile.  Not this plane.  Once you get the blade adjusted just right, you can tighten it up and be confident it will stay there.  The steel in the blade is hardened, tempered, high-carbon steel and holds its edge through alot of work.  The blade ends up at a 21-degree angle.  The rounded top fits nicely in the palm of my hand and gives me plenty of power for the size jobs it is intended for and then some.  I have been using this plane to round a 15′ sitka spruce mast and it has been perfect.  I also own a beautiful Craftsman 14-inch block plane (made by Stanley) that does a wonderful job as well, but tires me out very quickly when planing the mast for an extended period of time.  For the price, this little Stanley 12-247 an excellent addition to a shop.  Yes, there are plenty of planes that will out-perform this one, but not for 14 bucks!