Time Management (Wood Duck and Sanderling updates)

Sometimes life seems to cruise along at 200 miles an hour.  You keep your head just slightly above the water doing all of the things in life that you’re supposed to do, but the things you want to do just lay idle waiting for life to slow down.  Waiting for that moment when all of the priorities are taken care of.  Waiting for that time that, if you are not careful, will never come and the opportunity will be lost.  I live in fear of this which is probably why I am a serial hobbyist.  I am truly a jack of many trades and master of none, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I need to apply some time management to get back some hours to do the things I love.

My boats and Heritage Boatworks were the latest victim of this.  My “real” job has been very busy and my wife’s work, 10-fold.  She has been out nights at dinner meetings and in early in the morning preparing for dinner meetings.  In the meantime, I have taken over more kid duties which really takes its toll on the amount of time your body allows you to be awake.  My normal nighttime retreats to the basement to work on the boats seem considerably less appealing than my head on a soft pillow.  That is until my other love “Marsaili” stepped back into my life.

10289928_10152389902104581_4563679513044680118_n20140521_161949Marsaili is my 1973 Marshall Sanderling and a couple weeks ago I got her out of her winter storage and into my driveway.  Seeing her there waiting for me every morning broke my heart until I was given the opportunity to do something about it.  I was home with just Harry and he went over to a neighbor’s to play.  I scurried around to gather tools to get the cabin hatch pulled off.  A couple days later, I had the screws replaced and 3 coats of Cetol on it.  That was all I needed to get that fire started again.

A couple days later, I found myself in the basement working on Harry’s Wood Duck Kayak.  For some reason I was having a difficult time getting the sheer panels fitted to the deck and I convinced myself that I would not retire for the evening until I figured it out.   Well I did, and she’s really coming together.  It’s almost time to mix up a batch of epoxy for this thing!!

20140522_223703 20140522_223721

I hear people all the time say that they don’t have time.  I don’t have time for a hobby.  I don’t have time to work out.  Yes, there are folks out there (such as my wife right now) that simply do not have enough hours in the day to do things, but I would guess that about 75% of those folks have the time, they just don’t know how to make it.   If you are passionate enough about something, you make the time.  I am a busy person, and I do not have enough hours in the day, but I adjust my view and ask myself, do I have enough hours in the week?  There has got to be an hour or two each week to dedicate to something you love.  For me, there is.  It may mean staying up late and going to work tired in the morning, but it is worth it in every way.

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