Tool Review – DeWalt Cordless Drill

The cordless drill is my most used power tool.  Every time I go into a hardware store I always look at them.  I had an older DeWalt XRP NiCad model.  I purchased it with the whole kit back in 2006 and it has served me well and been pretty durable over the years.  The problems with the XRP are problems that did not exist when I purchased it because Lithium-ion drills were not available.  The XRP problems are that it is very heavy and that the battery needs to be charged all the time.

So I was looking around for a replacement or at least an addition since Lithium-ion options have come way down in price.  I looked at some of the 20V brushless options, but they are all over $200 and I could not justify spending that much when I had perfectly functioning drill already.  So I settled on the 12V Lithium Ion DCD710.


The first thing that I liked about this drill is the size.  Even the expensive 20V models don’t hold a candle to the size/weight of this drill.  The 20V model is 3-TIMES heavier!  It feels very sturdy in my hand and the variable speed clutch is excellent.  I am not going to be using this drill to bore a 3″ hole in my cement foundation, but for day to day use in the boat building world and house maintenance, it is perfect!  It is 12V, so it isn’t going to have the wrist snapping torque of a 20V or a corded drill, but I have used it to drill a hole in my masonry fireplace, a 1/2 hole in a teak board, and a number of other less taxing jobs (all on 1 charge).


My only complaint about this drill was the fact that it does not have a place to store a bit on the handle.  That is something on my old XRP that was extremely convenient.  I always left the double-ended bit clipped to the handle.  Well DeWalt heard the complaints and came up with an add-on bit clip.  I just ordered mine!

So in summary, I am VERY happy with this drill.  I cannot imagine anything I would use it for that it would not have enough power for.  It’s size and weight makes it my go-to drill for everything, and I am not sure it will ever run out of juice.  On top of the added benefits for me, it also is much easier to handle for my kids when I have them helping out with the boats in the basement.  At this point, I still have a number of XRP cordless tools.  So until those break, I will stick with those.  Unless of course I win the lottery, ditch the XRP stuff on Craiglist and set myself up with 20V Max Kit version.  I can dream can’t I!?