Tool Review – Hitachi Pin Nailer

tool review

How many times have you searched for just the right clamp to hold something in place and then had to get that clamp into just the right angle to stay put while the glue sets only to find in the morning that the clamp slipped and the piece fell off leaving behind a mess of glue to clean up before you continue?  If the answer is more than once, then this tool review is for you.  It has happened to me a number of times and the time wasted cleaning up and re-starting the process all over again drives me insane.  Enter the pin nailer review.  I purchased the Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer from Amazon.  As you can see, the customer reviews speak for themselves.

A pin nailer is a air powered nail gun that uses a very small nail (23 Gauge) or “pin” that has no head.  It is designed to temporarily hold things in place.  Once you are done with the need for the pin, it can be pulled out, trimmed, or simply left there (see below comment about Grex pins if you plan on leaving these in any marine projects).  I did the research and the Hitachi NP35A was the best value gun I found.  I leave this gun under my work bench right next to the air compressor.  Whenever I need to hold something in place, I simply pull it out and tack it.  For $89 it has saved me a lot of headaches.

You will need an air compressor so I figured I’d throw my input in here for that as well.  I purchased the Porter Cable PCFP2003 (or similar product) about 7 years ago.  I used it constantly every day for about a month while I was doing all of the finish work in my house.  It worked flawlessly with the finish nail gun and even did well with a framing nailer on another project (although the capacity is a little small and the compressor had to run often).  I have used it less often since then, but it still works like it was new.  For this pin nailer it is perfectly sized and this particular model on Amazon comes with an accessory kit for all you household needs (something I had to go collect as needed).

I would also recommend using Grex headless pins.  I recommend them because they are stainless steel.  If you have to leave some of these pins in your boat project, you don’t have to worry about them rusting out.

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