Wood Duck Kayak Update – September

I have been neglecting this blog, but not the Harry’s Kayak!  So let’s go back in time a bit and keep these things chronological.

End of September…

I have only had Harry down in the basement a handful of times recently.  The work on the Chesapeake Light Craft Wood Duck Kayak is mostly epoxy at this point and I think at 6 years old, he might still be a bit young for that.  For the month of September, I had slowly started shifting my attention from the Bolger Bobcat over to the kayak.  It had been neglected and I felt it deserved some more love from her builder.

I started out with 2 boat building projects.  One was a 10′ kayak and the other a 12′ sailboat.  As a sailor, obviously my love fell toward the sailboat.  Unfortunately, so did my attention to detail and meticulousness.  I took the kayak for granted and just figured it would be a simple, throw-together project.  Partly, it is, but I am not a throw-together type of guy.  As the kayak progressed and some errors became evident, I felt my attention for it waning.  As I realized that I was going to take extra hours to resolve my errors, my desire to spend those hours moved over to the catboat.  The kayak sat untouched for over a month.

One day while sitting in the thinking chair (an old rocking chair in the woodshop), I came to this realization and got very frustrated with myself.  Here, I had taken shortcuts, rushed, and been generally careless.  The state of the kayak was nobody’s fault but my own.  Why should it be neglected just because I was dumb enough to start 2 major projects at the same time.  Building 2 boats at once is a terrible idea.  You are inevitably going to like one boat more than the other.  That boat will get more love and will provide an excuse to stop working on the other.  Boat Builder lesson #687.

So I halted work on the Bobcat and focused on the kayak.  The errors I made can be fixed and she is well worth continuing, but it is going to take some time and effort to keep her pretty through the process.  The pictures below show the tacking, filleting, and fiberglass taping the hull.  Looking better already!

kayak building kayak building kayak building kayak building



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