Wood Duck Update

This is the portion of the boat building process where I am paying for my lax approach to building the Wood Duck.  Sanding.  I’ve been sanding and fairing and sanding again and fairing followed by more sanding.  Then I washed it down from stem to stern with denatured alcohol and noticed a couple more small gaps.  So I mixed up another small batch of epoxy and did some more fairing and sanding.  Mind you, each time I work with epoxy, I need to let it cure for a day or two before I sand.  I would guess that my negligence set me back about 5 days and a pint of epoxy.

But now, this Wood Duck is looking quite beautiful and structurally no worse for the wear.  I did one last fairing session yesterday after I took the below photos, so one more quick sand and wash and we’ll be ready for some decorations.  Harry has chosen a compass rose inlay for the forward deck, so we will start with that.  Unfortunately, some of the epoxy patch work will limit my finish choices, but Harry seems OK with paint (high fill primer first) on the hull and varnish on the deck.  I think she’s going to be gorgeous.

wood duck

  wood duck  DSC_2146  wood duck


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